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The Ultimate STEM Toys to Ignite Your Child’s Imagination!

Our super-cool, eco-friendly range of Build Your Own Kits are bright, bold, dynamic, and a fantastic way to bring the complexities of STEM learning to life in a way that kids can get stuck into – and add context to all that classroom time! As gifts for children go, we wanted to design something truly special that was as fun and tactile as it was beneficial for children’s developing minds. Build Your Own Kits are a brilliant backup for rainy day adventures or to inspire your small ones to take the initiative and undertake a craft challenge they can work on independently (without a slick of glue or a fiddly fastening in sight.

Why Build Your Own Kits Make Cool Gifts for Kids – and Big Kids Too

We’ve all got our favourite kits – and there is something for every interest that sits outside of the typical kids fare they’ve seen and done a million times before. If you’re looking for a gift for kids that are tricky to buy for, we have everything from terrific telescopes, huggable honeybees, to crazy marble runs. Creative challenges are an excellent activity to get all the family involved, as gifts for children that captivate a sense of excitement and energy that only beautifully engineered STEM toys for kids can deliver.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Children to Dive Into

Tired of piles of plastic? We hear you! Every Build Your Own kit is created with enjoyment, quality and our planet in mind, so your unique kid’s gift won’t make a mark on the environment. We use an innovative blend of premium paper and board, so you can use your eco-friendly microscope to uncover the secrets in the miniature world around us, with no nasties, unnecessary wrapping or glue.

Secretly Educational Gifts for Kids to Excite Small Minds

The secret power behind our award-winning creations is that they make STEM toys incredibly fun. It’s a whole different educational experience based on texture, curiosity and the joy of bringing a unique kids gift to life, all built with their own hands. If you’re stuck on choosing gifts for children that will enhance their learning and looking for a present less ordinary for the little ones in your life, a mini-build is an excellent choice, with spiky stag beetles and cute ladybugs. Each of our kid’s gifts for crafty explorers comes with a skill level, sustainable card packaging and agile movement, as a present that comes to life and engages in an extraordinary way.

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