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Wondering what ‘STEM Toys and STEAM toys for children’ means? Maybe this will help…

STEM/STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Maths (the “A” is sometimes used to represent Arts). STEM toys encourage open-ended play and trial-and-error exploration, teach problem-solving, and allow children to lead the play experience, among other attributes. If you’re interested you can read more on The Toy Association website.

While the kits are fairly simple to construct, there may be a couple of steps that you might struggle with. You could use this as a great opportunity for a bit of family time to share the experience and learn together. If you need extra help, head to our Support page to watch us build the kits step-by-step.

You most certainly can! We hate it when that happens, so contact us directly by heading over to our Contact Us page and we will sort out a replacement for you.

Yes they do! We use high quality card and cardboard, source the best lenses, mirrors, elastic bands and marbles, and combine with very clever cardboard mechanics to make products that really do work.

No dogs were harmed in the making of our telescope. He also sometimes eats socks. It’s not a pleasant sight when it all comes back up!

They are made by our trusted printer partners who use FSC and other sustainable/recycled cardboards. Our packaging is designed to minimise waste and space during transportation and if produced overseas they are sent to us on a container ship, along with other manufacturers’ products such as computers, washing machines and toys. This is more fuel efficient and better for the environment than flying them here.

Yes we do, but that would be telling! We have great plans for the future of Build Your Own, so follow us on Instagram or Facebook to be the first to know.

If none of that has helped, head over to our Contact Us page and send us a message.

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