Got some time on your hands?!

We’ve created some ‘Makes’ for you to try at home.

On this page you’ll find video tutorials and templates to download, so get making and use #byomakes to share your successes (and your disasters!) with us online.

Make your own paper hats



Make your own paper decorations



Fold your own Paper Boats

Small Boat

Big Boat

Design your own Paper Plane

BYO Paper Moon Model

Reach for the Moon with the latest ‘Make’ from the Build Your Own Team.

Print, cut out and glue your very own paper moon model, with labelled Apollo landing sites, craters and oceans.

Click the download button below and get making!

Pop up Easter Cards

Click the buttons below to download each of the templates to print out:

Bouncing Bunny

BYO Explorers Fact & Find Cards

Here at Build Your Own HQ, the team have been busy creating some awesome ‘Fact & Find’ activity cards for budding explorers.

All you need to start exploring your micro-worlds is a printer and a Build Your Own Microscope.

Click the download button and get exploring!

Paper Plane Holder

TOP TIP: This Make and the one below are designed to be made one after the other! Try making the Paper Plane Holder and the Plane Launcher Target and show us on social media using #BYOMakes!

Plane Launcher Target Hoop

Pop up NHS Rainbow Thank You Card

Click the button below to download the template to print out:

Paper Bouquet

BYO Explorers Countdown Calendar and Poster

It’s that time of year again! So to celebrate we have an upcycle project
to count down to the big day. And the best bit is you’ll end up with an
AWESOME Solar System poster for your wall! What more could you want?!!

If you need any help, just post your question using #byomakes – we will be keeping an eye on that hashtag to see how you are all getting on.